Sunday, September 28, 2008

How to use the pay planner(crystal ball)

its all very simple !!!. First of all, click on "click to edit" on top right hand corner above spreadsheet.

1) pick up your latest salary slip .

2) fill all the credits(black and blue colored letters ) and then debits(red colored letters ) as given in the salary slips into the respective field of the spreadsheet.You are free to change the allowances into the ones relevant to you. for e.g you can change specialist pay to separation allowance..and so on and so forth.

3) just remember that the credits in black letters are taxable and ones in blue non taxable.

4)fill your existing bank balance and Provident fund/DSOP balance into letters in blue

5) tax is calculated automatically and it takes into account deductions eligible to you like DSOP/PF/GROUP INSURANCE e.t.c. Also the "pay to bank" is calculated from the info provided.

6) now click on year planner tab on the bottom of the sheet.

7) fill details about monthly recurring expenses here(left hand pane)

8) you may add unexpected credits ( like arrears ) and debits (eg. recovery) in respective coloumns.

9) now click on various tabs given at the bottom and enjoy the analysis and projections.

10) budget update is to edit tax slabs if there are any changes in the next budget.

Pay/Tax planner, Online Calculator & Income tax return for Defence/Goverment Officers INDIA

Welcome to paymatrix!! see your future through the crystal ball

CRYSTAL BALL (Download link below)

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